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-Cabins are only rented out to Seasonal Camper Family & Friends and cannot be booked online. Have the Seasonal camper contact us.

-Tent camping can only be booked over the phone. Please call the Office.

-Check in Sat-Thurs 1pm-5pm. Friday 1pm-9pm.
-Please note that we are located in the country so we have limited internet for downloading & the connection is not always stable. Our internet hotspot which is Free is located around the Recreational Hall in a limited range around it. As a result, you are able to check emails and surf the web, however, you may not be able to watch movies or play X-Box.. This means if you need a guarantee that the internet is available for your work zoom meetings or streaming classroom lessons you should please plan ahead and have your own hotspot available.

Long before Grenville County was given this name, approximately 500 years ago, it was occupied by a native population. The St. Lawrence Iroquois lived in longhouses in agricultural communities with some of these sites housing as many as 1600 people.

The storied history of our county where the Grenville Park Campground and RV now stands includes French and then British occupation, an influx of immigrants, battles fought and many boundary and name changes.

Now, the RV park is government land and family operated.


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