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Special Notice Regarding weekender Bookings for the 2021 season:

****At the moment for 2021 we are ONLY accepting reservations for Self-Contained Units( Self-Contained means sink/toilet in unit)
****We do not allow Tents on Powered Sites.

If you are looking for a booking that starts before July 6th, due to the current situation with COVID-19, we are only allowing online booking after this date to go through based on our opening date we had last year with the Government Regulations.
If you would like to make a booking that starts before July 6th, please email us at Contact-Us@gocampgrenvillepark.com with a booking request. Please include the following information in the email: Your full name, Trailer type & length, 15 or 30 amp power & if you prefer waterfront or not, number of adults (18 +), number of children, numbers of vehicles, and the best phone number to reach you at.
Booking request emails we receive will get priority when the Office opens.  We will contact you to finalize your booking once we have our opening date from the Government, If there are too many requests and we will not be able to accommodate you we will let you know as soon as possible..

As of May 1st, we will update all COVID-19 measures that we MUST follow, based on the colour zone that our Health Unit is in at that time.

ONLY Self-Contained Units May book at this time (Self-Contained means sink/toilet installed)

Long before Grenville County was given this name, approximately 500 years ago, it was occupied by a native population. The St. Lawrence Iroquois lived in longhouses in agricultural communities with some of these sites housing as many as 1600 people.

The storied history of our county where the Grenville Park Campground and RV now stands includes French and then British occupation, an influx of immigrants, battles fought and many boundary and name changes.

Now, the RV park is government land and family operated.


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